Game Assets Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to list Game Assets Garden in the credits of my game?
It's a kind gesture, but adding Game Assets Garden to your credits is NOT necessary. I'm just glad you were able to make use of my assets.
Can I modify your assets to suit the needs of my game?
Absolutely. You're welcome to make any necessary changes to the assets.
If I modify your assets, can I sell them?
Unfortunately, no. These assets can only be used in your own video games. You are allowed to sell your game with my assets in it, but you can't sell or distribute the assets by themselves. Please reference the Acceptable Use Policy for more details.
Do I need to make an account before I can download game assets?
No. No accounts are required on this website.
Will there be other types of game assets hosted on this site?
Yes. I plan on adding sound effects, animations, scripts, and game templates in the future. For now I'll be focusing on low poly models because they are high in demand. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get updates on all announcements and asset releases.
Are there ways I can show my support for the site?
Definitely. Any support is greatly appreciated. Simply sharing this website with your friends and family, or sharing it on social media helps a lot. For more ways to contribute, please visit the contribute page by clicking here.
Why are the asset colors all purple when I load the FBX file into Blender?
This can happen when the "Use Nodes" feature is not enabled under the material's "Surface" menu. Simply click the "Use Nodes" button and it should fix the issue.
I hear a small silent section at the end of my MP3 file when looping. How do I fix it?
It's very common to hear this silence due to the MP3 format. However, using the Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) format should fix the issue.

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